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Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership: Building Tenable Technology Transfer between Africa and Europe
The Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership (AEIP) is organizing a virtual event, under the patronage of the South African Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation, to support “Building Tenable Technology Transfer between Africa and Europe”. The AEIP is an initiative of the African Union-European Union High Level Policy Dialogue, with funding from the EC, aiming to support and connect innovation and technology incubators, accelerators and technology transfer actors from both continents.
The event was originally planned to take place in Pretoria, South Africa. However, due to covide-19 crisis and travel limitations imposed, the event has now been converted into a series of 7 online sessions, for various stakeholders. A public session and policy forum, open for anyone who wishes to familiarise with AIEP, kicks off the event, which is followed by closed sessions of workshops for technology transfer organisations based in Africa and workshops for the AEIP Community of Practice. In this series of sessions, knowledge transfer experts, policy makers and innovators from both Africa and Europe will evolve their knowledge on technology transfer strategies, which include attracting funding, learning from open innovation practices, and managing Intellectual Property.

Building Tenable Technology Transfer between Africa and Europe

Track 1 23rd June

Public event launch & policy forum on “Accelerating innovation across continents: from South Africa to Finland and back”


Track 2 30th June, 2nd, 7th & 9th July

“Empowering Technology Transfer Organisations as key agents of innovation” - workshop

On invitation

Track 3 June 25th & July 2nd

“Insights from the community of practice on IP, open innovation and valorisation” - workshop

On invitation


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